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Inspection de terrains sportifs Québec

CSA Z614

is a set of technical requirements and principles established by the Canadian Standards Association for the design, construction, installation, maintenance and testing of playground equipment and protective surfacing for children.

It is specifically designed to promote the development and use of well-designed, well-maintained, innovative and stimulating play areas.

It takes into account the size and other developmental characteristics of children to ensure that appropriate play experiences are provided.

Right to Play

"Research shows that play is fundamental, not optional, for young children. It is their primary developmental tool, their primary natural learning strategy. It is therefore urgent that it be publicly and unanimously considered as such," emphasized Claudette Pitre Robin, Director of the Regroupement des centers de la petite enfance de la Montérégie (RCPEM) at the unveiling of the Charter on the Right to Play.

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